Time passes so fast! One moment you feel like you are waiting for something forever, the next, that moment is gone. It passes right by and sometimes we don’t even know it.

I see now that time has definitely passed since my last blog post, but I really didn’t realize how much! I kept planning to post something but it’s been so busy. As busy as I was preparing in Canada, I am also busy again in Japan preparing for my year’s stay. They have so much for us to do. Bank accounts, registering our address, making an inkan and so on. In any case, I’m going to break down my adventure so far into multiple posts for easy reading. Enjoy!

First, departure from Canada and arrival in Japan!

First, my plan on packing was going to be very intense and super detailed, however, in the last few days before I left, I suddenly realized I had no time to pack so it ended up being a bit of a gong show. I’m so lucky that I had help from my sister to make it faster. (Thank you!)

First, I packed all my things two days before I left. Yeah, not well planned out haha. With no plan and at the last moment rushing, I packed as many things as I could into two suitcases. Most of it was clothes and then the rest of the room was filled up with stuff. Anything that I thought I would need, I brought. I ended up taking some stuff out later (when I repacked a second time) but luckily it all worked out in the end. I brought so much that I think I’ll end up sending things home ahead of me. In short, the legit post I planned on doing for packing didn’t happen. (Sorry Tara!) My only advice is that if you are traveling to Japan for a short amount of time, do NOT to bring as much as I did, or a large suitcase if you can help it. Anything you need, you can buy here. Smaller is better because Japan is made of stairs. However, if you do end up bringing something big, there are services that can ship your bags around in the city for you, so you don’t need to carry it on the train. Wicked!

Anyways, on to adventure!

The night before going to Japan I stayed up pretty much all night with only about an hours worth of sleep. In that time, I unlocked my phone, finished last minute packing and got ready to leave for Japan. After much grief (long story), I finally received an import certificate or yakkan shoumei to bring my medicine to Japan, thank goodness!

In the morning my family came to get me and drove me to the airport. I was able to print my import certificate (or Yakkan Shoumei) and then spent time with my family before I had to leave.

Then, for the first time ever I went through US security and flew to L.A! I’m not sure what I expected it would look like, but it was beautiful! Sandy brown mountains that covered the landscape. It was incredible. When I landed at the airport I had to go to another terminal as quickly as I could but I got a bit lost even trying to get out of the first terminal! I couldn’t stop thinking how crazy that airport is! There are so many people, so many airlines and it’s just busy crazy energy everywhere!



I then flew from L.A. to Narita and for the first time ever flew with Air Singapore. I have to rate them 4.5/5 stars. It was a great flight. I flew on a double decker plane for 11 hours and had delicious food! Even had free haagendaz icecream included TuT. On the plane to Narita, I met a very kind couple with a little girl and they talked to me on my way to Japan. Ah, fast forward. When I arrived in Japan I couldn’t control my excitement. I was about to see my love! When I finally got through customs I was so excited I tried to walk/run to my love awkwardly with my cart of suitcases and half tripped into his arms. We laughed but I felt a little embarrassed. I just couldn’t believe it, I smiled so much because after a year of long distance dating, we were finally able to meet again. After we met up and got some drinks, we took a bus home and slept right away.

I finally arrived in Japan.


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