Romantic, Isn’t It?


Day 4 of the Osaka Trip

Legend tells that if a couple holds hands all the way from the beginning of the walk until you return back you will be in love forever. H tells me this as we are walking so I say, let’s hold hands then! He tells me it was way back at another bridge. Romantic. So we walk along a very nice path surrounded by trees until we come to the area in the above photograph. Minoo Park has a gorgeous waterfall that was nice to watch from our perch on the edge of the cliff. Then we were off to see Osaka Castle!

We get off the train and it’s raining. It’s pouring. Like it might flood kind of rain. But the huge rain drops falling from the sky were not about to stop us. We decided to run. I’m thinking kissing and laughing in the rain, but it’s cold and there’s too much so we huddle under a tree trying not to get soaked. Romantic. But it get’s better. We decided to book it for a small washroom shelter and waited for the rain to stop. I used the conveniently located restroom. Also romantic.

When the rain finally stopped we walked to Osaka castle and took tons of pictures! But we also arrived late by only a few minutes so we couldn’t go inside. Boo.

Walking back to the train station there was a fountain and water running along from it that was perfect to walk in. So I did. H showed off and jumped over it. That was pretty sweet. Since we still had quite a bit of time in the night H wanted to go to Dotonbori. So it was off to the trains again.

And then we arrived at a crazy shopping district where we wandered for a long time buying omiyage (souvenirs) for family and friends. The area itself carries on for a long time before we arrived at the main area H wanted to go to. Dotonbori is crossed by a river that had lanterns set alongside it.

Que romantic dinner. Me and H were bound and determined to have Okonomiyaki in Osaka. It’s a traditional dish that is a must have if you go to the area. Once again we were lucky and found the perfect place next to the river. We were given a four person table for the two of us and ordered to our hearts content. In contrast to how I usually ate in Toyko however, the okonomiyaki came pre-cooked. We didn’t use the grill. But oh, my, goodness. It was delicious. H even ordered a third which I could not help him eat.

It was an awesome way to end the trip.


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