10393546_822691584457785_8846921011308456615_nHi! You can call me K.

I started this blog to chronicle my year long adventures in Tokyo, Japan.
(In a super procrastinating, one post a month kind of way)


To keep memories of my study
abroad and update my family with my adventures.
If you’ve ever thought about going to Japan
and spending time there, this blog could offer some
insight as to what it’s like.

What did I get out of it?
Amazing memories, lifelong friends and great experiences.
Improved Japanese. After focusing on intensive Japanese study in Tokyo, I managed to pass the N2 exam!
Future in perspective. I realize not all the dreams I have will happen the way I imagine, but I am optimistic about the future!

And now?

I returned to Canada on August 7th and am back in university for my final year. Even though my adventure there is over for now, I have no doubt there are more good
things to come in the future.

If you have suggestions for further posts feel free to contact me.

Otherwise this blog is a wrap for now! (Oct 2015)

Take care!



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