On with Japan!


So a beautiful miracle happened. I have access to a computer again which means my Japan stories can continue!

Day 3 of the Osaka Trip

I woke up fine but then had a metaphorical thorn in my side for most of the morning. Even so me and H went to Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine in Osaka. There weren’t many people to my surprise and the area was very quiet in the heat. I loved a small portion that was sectioned off so you could get no more than your hands into a pile of rocks. Why? Power stones. If you found all three it was.. well pretty awesome. On our way out I took a nice snapshot of the bridge above.

But my favourite part of the day was yet to come.

Osaka Spa World is absolutely amazing and was probably one of my favourite parts of the trip next to the coffee museum and waterfalls. I swam in a lazy river and went down a slide that was currently themed with Shingeki no Kyojin which made me unbelievably happy and all of a sudden I felt better. Then it got better. The spa part of it had themed baths! I took a tour in Greece and Finland to name a few. I wish I had more time because it was so beautiful and relaxing. And yes, you’re naked in there but with same sex only. (The pool was co-ed so I wore a bathing suit. ) I must also mention that you had to take an elevator to the co-ed pool from your genders changing room. I was amazed to no end that a pool could be situated on the rooftop.

We left the spa and went down to get kushi-katsu. (Kush meaning stick like a skewer and katsu refers to the meat) I had been to the area 2 years prior and claimed to remember a very famous restaurant that my friends took me too. With our stomachs rumbling incessantly we gave up quickly and went into a place called Daikichi ( 大吉 ) that was next to empty. And I couldn’t believe it. Our food was delicious!! There should have been way more people. We left so happy. I really recommend it. 5/5

The end of the night was quiet shopping and then made our way back to the hotel.

Every day in Osaka was wonderful.


Okinawa Adventure!

The day that I arrived in Japan (Sept 2) was me and my boyfriends (H) one year anniversary! To celebrate this grand occasion, we decided to go to the beautiful island of Okinawa for a trip. Who doesn’t love vacation after working all summer?

Lucky for me, I was able to rest for a day before I set out on another plane ride. It was even better this time though because I was with him. For the first time ever, I took trains to Haneda airport instead of Narita and soon regretted my choice of bag. Thankfully we checked in soon after we arrived at the airport so I could get rid of my heavy bag. Since there was still time until take off, we wandered around and found out there was a pokemon airplane! In a cool coincidence, it ended up being the airplane we took to Okinawa! The trip there was clear skies and I was able to see Mt Fuji from the air. It was awesome. I was writing our one year card to him while he slept and quickly stuffed it in my bag many times so he wouldn’t see before I was finished haha.

When we got there, the air was so humid that the heat pressed against my skin. It was awesome. There were strange tropical trees everywhere and the ocean was so close! First, we headed for our hotel right away because my bag was unbelievably heavy. A girl needs her clothes though you know? After that, we spent every day in bliss and enjoyed it as much as possible.

beach blog photo Okinawa trees blog

These are the highlights of Okinawa that I enjoyed:

  1. The ocean. Me and my love went to the beach for a day and it was so fun. The water in Okinawa is clear, warm and so beautiful. We had a lot of fun swimming in the water and even bought a ball to use. When we woke up from a short nap under a large umbrella, we noticed our beach ball had gone missing. Luckily some kind person returned it to us haha. It had rolled away! I received a nice present from Okinawa and returned home with a great burn on my shoulders. Ouch!
  2. Shuri-jo (Castle). I love castles in general and this place was pretty big! My favorite part, maybe weirdly enough, was the large walls that surrounded the castle. It gave it a very impressive feel and the view was very cool. I tried to imagine what it might have been like to look out centuries ago. Another cool part was a room where the king would hold ceremonies. His crown and golden chair were interesting!
  3. Glass blowing! I made my own glass and chose the color! It was easy enough, they brought the hot glass over and placed it into a mold. I blew until the glass had expanded and then it was taken away. Next, I shaped the outside of the glass. Though it was simple enough I really enjoyed looking at all the things that they had on display in the shops. I can’t even describe the amount of amazing craftsmanship that is there.
  4. Snorkeling. After changing, paying and orientation of how to use our equipment, we were able to head out on bus to go to a nice area and snorkel! Our guide was great and showed us all kinds of amazing creatures from the water. I loved gliding in between rocks and having fish come up to greet me. We were able to feed them! At one point I was looking at fish and a group far off thinking my boyfriend was talking to some strange people, it turns out that was not my boyfriend and I laughed as I swam over to my group.
  5. Food. I went to a fantastic Izakaya there! It was authentic and had good food, friendly staff and even live music! So awesome! In other places, there was a weird love for taco items. I had taco rice and laughed whenever I saw taco things later. Pineapples from Okinawa are crazy delicious. If you have a chance to try it, do so. Crepes are so good too!

All in all it was a great trip. I felt so happy to be with H again and really appreciated the time we spent together. I can’t wait to make more great memories. Okinawa was definitely a fun trip and I’m excited to go on another trip soon! (Sept 4-8)