Final Day in Osaka

Day 5

The final day in Osaka started very relaxed. Me and H checked out of the hotel and as we were walking along we spotted the Umeda Sky Building.

Since it was our last day me and H decided to check it out. The glass elevator that took us from the ground floor up was a bit scary and spread out the Osaka landscape beneath us. But that wasn’t even the highest part. We got off the elevator and took an escalator even higher up.

My favourite part was drinking some coffee with H and watching the lightening storm that built up outside. The weather made it so that we couldn’t go up to the sky garden but I was more than happy to just chill where we were. There’s a lot of interesting history we read that influenced the Umeda Sky Building and plenty of pictures to take like the one above.

With only a short time left in Osaka, me and H went to the trains and returned to Tokyo. It was such a good vacation that left such good memories in my mind and heart.

But it wasn’t the end of my time in Japan.


On with Japan!


So a beautiful miracle happened. I have access to a computer again which means my Japan stories can continue!

Day 3 of the Osaka Trip

I woke up fine but then had a metaphorical thorn in my side for most of the morning. Even so me and H went to Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine in Osaka. There weren’t many people to my surprise and the area was very quiet in the heat. I loved a small portion that was sectioned off so you could get no more than your hands into a pile of rocks. Why? Power stones. If you found all three it was.. well pretty awesome. On our way out I took a nice snapshot of the bridge above.

But my favourite part of the day was yet to come.

Osaka Spa World is absolutely amazing and was probably one of my favourite parts of the trip next to the coffee museum and waterfalls. I swam in a lazy river and went down a slide that was currently themed with Shingeki no Kyojin which made me unbelievably happy and all of a sudden I felt better. Then it got better. The spa part of it had themed baths! I took a tour in Greece and Finland to name a few. I wish I had more time because it was so beautiful and relaxing. And yes, you’re naked in there but with same sex only. (The pool was co-ed so I wore a bathing suit. ) I must also mention that you had to take an elevator to the co-ed pool from your genders changing room. I was amazed to no end that a pool could be situated on the rooftop.

We left the spa and went down to get kushi-katsu. (Kush meaning stick like a skewer and katsu refers to the meat) I had been to the area 2 years prior and claimed to remember a very famous restaurant that my friends took me too. With our stomachs rumbling incessantly we gave up quickly and went into a place called Daikichi ( 大吉 ) that was next to empty. And I couldn’t believe it. Our food was delicious!! There should have been way more people. We left so happy. I really recommend it. 5/5

The end of the night was quiet shopping and then made our way back to the hotel.

Every day in Osaka was wonderful.

Final Adventure! Osaka Bound!

I`m so happy. The vacation in Osaka was a blast.

Day 1

The first day we got to Osaka we resolved to do as much as we could. We dropped off our bags at our hotel in Osaka and then went to go and visit Kitano street in Kobe.

Its a lovely area with old European houses and cafes galore. After lunch, H and I went into one that had a gallery and it was a welcome rest from the hot heat. A word of caution, the area itself sits up on a hill so its quite a trek in the heat. Also it`s very expensive to enter the houses. Just so you know 😉 Other than that there are restaurants and cafes in the area that I quite enjoyed.

After that we went off to a coffee museum that is just a short way off. I love coffee and the little museum was actually really great. It had tons of facts about coffee and interactive stations.
11794575_945615268832082_8518890607795680092_o  11058174_945615265498749_6472383068621562001_o

Next we decided to go and trek to Nunobiki Falls. It was a long ways to get to but once we were there, the waterfall was really nice to see. It was also much cooler under the trees and had places to sit and enjoy the waterfall. I was surprised that the waterfall was so close to the urban neighborhood and really enjoyed the scenery. Nature rocks.

That night, I am proud to say that I ate real Kobe beef! (My dads been raving about it for years, and hes right it is delicious) It was amazing, tender, delicious and just omg. It was also expensive but super worth it. When I go to Kobe next Im totally hitting up some Kobe beef.