Home in Canada

After the longest flight ever I am back in Canada! I’ve been back for a little over a week and I fully intend to finish my Japan series. I may even blog about some side stories or differences between Japan and Canada. Who knows.

In any case I haven’t been posting because my computer finally bit the dust. It was a used purchase and lasted three years bless it’s little hard drive. I can post by phone but it’s not as convenient.

The biggest question I’ve had so far is are you sad? And then how is the reverse culture shock?

I’m not really sad because I had an amazing year in Japan. There are friends and family supporting me and I keep in regular contact with my sweetheart in Japan. Also I keep memories of Japan in my heart so it doesn’t feel so far away. I will definitely visit again one day.

As to reverse culture shock, I think I’m adjusting well. There are a lot of amazing friends here in Canada that surrounded me with  friendship and questions as soon as I got back. My family picked me up at the airport and the very next day I was at a small surprise party that S organized.

So it’s good here. I will post something a little less scattered next time but for now I’ll end with a positive note.

Being independent and adventuring in Japan was just what my spirit needed. I can’t wait to visit new places now and I’m excited for what is to come.



2 thoughts on “Home in Canada

  1. All the best for your transition back to Canada! I had a good 1st month and then a tough 6 months in my reverse culture stress returning to my home country after a year in Japan. Enjoy all your time with friends and family!

    • Thank you so much. I can understand that. It’s so exciting to get back and be with everyone but at the same time it’s almost an out of body experience to examine your home country isn’t it? I would say I am used to being back but I can’t help making comments that compare the two. Thanks again for the support! International experience is such a good teacher.

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