Universal Studios Japan (USJ)


Second day of vacation was also fantastic. Me and H spent the day at USJ, a theme park in Osaka.

It`s a decent theme park filled with a myriad of attractions, but I have to say Fuji Q Highland near Tokyo is still my all time favorite. Especially since USJ only has one roller coaster.  But that coaster is super fun (in faux Hollywood) and plays music as you ride! I chose the same song twice because it was perfect for the rush. (Amazing by SMAP)

11807262_945622158831393_876973868177690741_o 11754762_945622168831392_3827593411924843094_o

There was multiple themed areas like Jurassic Park, Water World, Jaws and Harry Potter! The best part of Harry Potter was the scenery, shops and BUTTER BEER. I hath tasted it! Its like a mix of cream soda and deliciousness. But I bet it was so amazing so they could cover up how terrifying the ride is inside the castle. Why scary? I do not like spiders. I felt better afterwards though when I had a super delicious shepards pie TuT


Favorite ride was Space Fantasy. Its not even a scary coaster but its really well done to look like space inside. You float and speed around through what looks like stars. I loved it. Rode it three times for good measure haha.

Recommendation is to definitely make sure you have fast pass if thats an additional feature. Front of the line is worth it because the wait there is long.

All in all it was a good day at USJ.


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