Festivals and Fun

April was a nice month that went by way too fast.

I started the month going to see sakura blossoms at Baji Koen and Nakameguro. I also went to an African festival in Yokohama. The photo above is the beautiful flowers I saw there. There was music, dance and food

I also went to see another festival called Kanamara matsuri or penis festival by tourists.Yup that’s right. It’s a festival hosted by a shrine in Kawasaki. It was quite far from Tokyo but I had fun.

On the 17th I went for a date with H to go the batting cages at Shimanomachi station. It cost 1000Y for three rounds but me and H split it between us and ended up buying a second ticket it was so fun. Afterwards when we left the batting cages there were a lot of people in sports shirts so we followed them and ended up at Meiji Jingu stadium.

It turned out that even though there was heavy rain there was going to be a baseball match! Since I’ve never seen a professional match live, we went in and watched the game. I didn’t know the seating was separated by which team you were cheering for though, so we ended up sitting on Yokohama Baystar’s side. haha. They were playing against the Tokyo Swallows and I think they got creamed. We left just a bit before the game ended but I enjoyed the fans cheering even more than the game haha.

10409055_897268740333402_5171436299366335449_n kjdoff8

Just the next day I made a random new friend and we went to Shinjuku Gyoen together which was a weird coincidence since I was looking for someone to eat lunch with. So fun. She was meeting a club that was having intro activities there. I learned a new game I can’t remember the name of .

Then on Saturday I acted as tour guide and showed a friend around Harajuku. Even though it was crowded, Meiji Jingu is definitely a sight to see. Combine it with crepes in the area and the day is perfect haha.

In April I also explored a new area around a station called Tsukishima with H. Moon island! Haha. I tried Manju for the first time and it was delicious. The place that we went to had great atmosphere and the Manju cooked on a big grill inside the table we sat at.


The street lined with good food at Tsukishima station.

Other than that, I ‘m enjoyed the start of school and am slowly got back into the study mode. Oh, also went bowling with a circle at my university. All the people are really nice and so I ended up joining it.

Time goes by so fast! See you!

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