It’s April

Live from Japan.

My two month long winter break is finally over. That means it’s back to school in Japan where the semester starts in April and ends in July. I’m happy to be studying again because this time my class selection and schedule is MUCH better. I didn’t write much about it, but last semester I felt overwhelmed at times with the workload. Even though I passed everything, I think more balance and less stress is key. So yeah, I’m excited for this semester.

I’m even taking Korean (in Japanese) so that’s something.

But anyways March, I didn’t post at all haha. I was enjoying Tokyo and was able to meet with good friends including people that came all the way from Canada!

Then, at the end of March, one of my dreams finally came true. I saw sakura flowers for the first time! (When the sakura bloom, it’s popular to break out the picnic blanket and cozy under some sakura trees with your friends. And alcohol/food if you are so inclined. This is called hanami, or flower viewing.) I am so happy I finally saw sakura at so many different places like;Showa Kinen Koen in Tachikawa (riding bikes with H <3), Nakameguro, Inokashira Koen and Chiyoda. My favorite place though was Baji Koen. There were horses, a Japanese style garden with a pond, swans and beautiful cherry trees all around.

These pictures don’t do justice (I took waayyyy more than this), but enjoy (Nakameguro, Baji Koenx3, park)

1 10606439_889321617794781_5024668629320919686_n 10997699_889322847794658_7878110800890332709_n 11088746_889324234461186_8748074084844885677_o 11127880_889327027794240_5932236815196944276_n

I also re-united with my host family (from a couple years back). They were so sweet and not only took me around but we made tempura together.

Ahh, what else.

I watched a Japanese movie called Strobe Edge with a hot lead male. I love practicing my Japanese haha and the movie was actually fantastic. Oh, and I finally visited Japan Ikea! (It’s fantastic TuT) I also went to an English conversation circle with some pretty cool people. Me and H visited the National Art Centre of Tokyo again to see the Louvre exhibit. And then I topped it all off with skype and Night at the Museum 3.

I have class again tomorrow so I should bounce, but I’ll say I’m really lucky and happy to be in Japan. I’ll try and procrastinate a bit less with my posting. Maybe short stories are better than cramming my life into blobs of text desperately trying to remember what all happened haha. I shall be less lazy! But that means I have to go and experience the world too. If my laptop survives this trip I’ll be posting again soon.

Hope everyone back home in Canada is doing well. Take care.

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