End of Feb. Plum Blossoms, Monologues and Skiing

The end of February was amazing. I saw plum blossoms, Vagina Monologues and went skiing with the love of my life.

I’m so lucky to live in Tokyo.

Before I went plum blossom viewing, I just had to go to a cafe called Shirohige. A friend recommended it to me because they make adorable cream puffs shaped like Totoro! When I arrived with my sweetheart they were quite busy so we sat outside. It was a bit chilly but we had a blanket for our legs and a heater beside us. Since we arrived at lunch hour we ordered pasta as well and sweet baby green goodness it was DELICIOUS. Next we had the super cute Totoro cream puff. It was delicious too except my stomach did not agree later haha. Totally recommended.

After that we walked to see the plum blossoms just one station away. Hanegi Park was where I saw plum blossoms for the first time.They were lovely and smelled like honey to me! Even though the park was not very big it was really nice.

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The next day I went to go and see the play(s) called the Vagina Monologues. A collection of different women’s stories that celebrate the beauty of being a woman, all parts included. Not all stories were happy, but it was a fantastic experience to listen and enjoy. Not to mention there was an all-you-can-eat buffet of Mexican food after. TuT

Best part of the month has to be the end though.

I went on a three day ski trip in Nagano with my love H. It was so fun that it’s hard to summarize how happy I felt in words. Those three days were so amazing. First we took a bus out to Nagano and then it was all fun. We basically taught ourselves to how to ski since it was my first time. On the first day we went right to the top of the hill. We also stayed in a traditional Japanese inn with delicious food and an onsen. And we were also able spend so much fun time together. That was definitely the best. H treated me so kindly. He even tried out snowboarding which I thought was pretty cool.

On the last day I had a pretty stellar fall half-way down the hill where my ski came right off my boot! I tried to put it on but it was hard as I kept sliding down the hill. My sweet H came and helped me put it back on like a snowy Cinderella.

It was an amazing trip and I can’t wait to go somewhere with him again.
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And now it’s March! I’ve already been here for six months. I can’t believe it.

– K


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