Art, Ghibli Museum and Valentines Day

It’s February and that means relaxing.
Time to enjoy, catch up on hobbies like reading and yoga, see friends, and explore Tokyo. And maybe “blog?” says friends.

Right. About that.

So what did I leave off with? Oh yes I remember. Sweet freedom. I finished the winter semester at the end of January and have been catching up on some well deserved rest. But I don’t just mean sleeping. I’ve met up with friends (from Canada too!), went to Izakayas/karaoke, and also decided to indulge in some culture and visit the National Art Centre of Tokyo. (Thanks to tips about events from Tokyo Cheapo!)

2.20 (1)2.20 (2)

(Pictures of the poster for the Japan Media Arts Festival and the entrance to the National Art Centre of Tokyo)

This month I also visited the Studio Ghibli Museum in Mitaka with H! I was last there in 2012 and it was even better than I remember. The animations are flawless and there is lots to see inside. Protip: Don’t bother taking the bus. It’s a ten minute walk from the station.

2.20 (3) 2.20 (5)

(The view of the outside of Ghibli, from the entrance side and above views)

Lastly, I don’t think this February post would be complete without mention of Valentine’s Day celebrations.

After a year of long-distance, I re-united with H on Sept 1 of 2014. So this was our first Valentine’s Day ‘together’.

He came to get me in the morning and brought flowers. I gave him handmade-chocolates. Then we started at Asakusa and took a water bus towards Odaiba. Tacos. Then a beautiful day spent at Oedo Onsen Monogatari. Even though the bath’s are separated by gender, there is yukata provided so we could meet inside to eat together and poke our feet on the pointy rocks outside.

It was perfect.

2.20 (6) 2.20 (7) 2.20 (8)2.20 (9)

This month is almost over but I am looking forward to more wonderful things before March rolls around. Take care~

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