Start of 2015

Happy New Year!

It’s been that long since I’ve posted haha. It’s also nearly been five months since I first came to Japan. Wow.

I can’t believe another month has nearly blown by.

I started off the beginning of January with my beloved and welcomed the new year of 2015! It was my first time ever spending the holiday in a foreign country. (In Japan, New Years is the family holiday instead of Christmas.) It was different but still fun. That was during my fantastic two week break. A whole lot of relaxing that rejuvenated my spirit.

Then school started again and I was absorbed in it all.
3 Presentations,
5 Final Exams,
1 In-Class Report,
1 Take Home Report, (in progress)
and Quizzes.

But it wasn’t all work! I also celebrated my birthday this month with a nice dinner called Shabu Shabu. H gave me handmade cake and rose scented cream and soap from one of my favorite stores called L’Occitane.

Tomorrow is the last day of classes and I’m excited to wrap this month up. Maybe I will even post some more with my free time.

February and March are vacation!


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