Merry Christmas From Tokyo

Merry Christmas everyone!

    I’m so happy that it’s finally winter break here!

    Now that I have some time to rest, I’m looking back on the great memories that I made with my love and friends. This month I went to an onsen in Hakone, enjoyed a magical day at Disney Sea and even had a fun Christmas party at my dorm. Since the month isn’t over yet, I’m looking forward to what the rest of the year brings too!

    The first awesome event was going to an onsen (hot spring) in Hakone with friends!

The beautiful lake

The view of the beautiful lake in Hakone.

Looking towards the station for Hakone.

In the distance you can see the train station for Hakone.

In the early morning me and my friends decided to meet up to start our adventure. You can’t tell from the photos but that day was actually really cold!
Our first stop that day was to go to a Shrine. We ate delicious mochi (rice cake) that was actually pretty filling. Then it was time for more sweets at a cafe called Salon de le ROSAGE. The desert was crazy expensive but really delicious. I couldn’t even finish it all because it was so rich. The best part was that they even decorated the deserts in front of us.
After all those delicious sweets we drove to an onsen. (An onsen is a natural hot spring and there are many in Japan.) This particular onsen is one of my favorites and very relaxing. But remember I wrote that it was extremely cold right that day? Being naked and jumping into hot water is such a bitter sweet experience haha. I felt so happy to relax though and it was a great day. If there is one thing you need to experience in Japan, it’s the relaxing atmosphere of an onsen.

The ‘Center of the Earth’ ride is in the mountain!

disney 3

The view of Disney Sea at night.

The next awesome adventure was going to Disney Sea for the first time with H! It was magical. Not even kidding.

The whole day at Disney Sea felt like it was a dream. ‘Not even reality’ as my boyfriend put it. I had so much fun! We went on as many rides as we could and ate until our little bellies were super full. The best ride was probably Center of the Earth. It was fun coaster until all of a sudden you PLUNGE into pitch black darkness. Omfg. My heart stopped.
When me and H were eating our fancy dinner and wine at Disney Sea we heard people screaming every single time they took the plunge and for some reason it made us laugh so much. I love this theme park and can’t wait to go again. Even though you will definitely spend money like no one’s business, it’s totally worth it.
Oh yeah! Yesterday there was a Christmas party! We did Secret Santa. It’s a game where you pick a person’s name and give them a gift without them knowing who bought it. Some people got really silly gifts but I was lucky to receive a super cute hair tie and truffles! Thank you secret Santa! After that game we watched the ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ (in Japanese) and even did karaoke!

The cute display at the Disney Sea train station.

Today was relaxing and then tomorrow will be exciting again. I’m spending my holiday with H making cookies and watching Christmas movies while we wait for Santa.
Have a wonderful holiday! As for me, I’m very lucky and grateful that the holidays have arrived. My spirit feels renewed. Take care. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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