International Exchange and Christmas

Exchange to another country is totally what you make of it. (Keep this in mind.)

For me, my exchange is crazy busy right now.

Tokyo has no snow, yet there is Christmas music everywhere. There beautiful illuminations to go see with your S.O. all around and lots of places to go. There are even Christmas parties in the making as I write. Even so, in the midst of PILES of homework and tests, I can’t really feel the holiday spirit yet.

In spite of this, I am looking forward to winter break. Winter break means that in three weeks or less I have no class and NO homework.

I can’t wait.

This time off also means Christmas! Instead of being a family holiday like in Canada however, Christmas in Japan is more or less a couple’s holiday. That means I get to spend some time snuggled up with my boy, some hot chocolate and time to relax. Finally.

Maybe later I can do a post on my thoughts of exchange in detail but for now I’ll reiterate that exchange is what you make of it. Somehow three months have already blown by. I didn’t even see them go.

Winter break come soon~ ❤


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