Weird Things in Japan

In Canada, I took things that were normal to me for granted. Now coming to Japan I keep coming across silly things that I wonder about. For example:

Waiting seats outside a restaurant that are shaped like burgers. What a great idea!

Waiting seats outside a restaurant that are shaped like burgers. What a great idea!

Bringing your own paper to print. In Canada I only ever had to worry if I had money to print something at my university. Now in Japan I have to buy and bring paper to school instead. It just baffles me and I suppose I miss not having to worry if I had paper to print my homework or not. If you go to the ‘combini’ (convenience store) though, you just pay for what you print, no paper bringing required. BTW, the paper here is HUGE and the size(s) have names. I often use A4 but this is the first time I’ve ever heard of it. People from other countries are surprised that we don’t use that system in Canada. Do you?

Being asked if I am ‘half’. I can decently speak conversational Japanese but I am nowhere near pro. I find it interesting when people ask me if I am half because I don’t look like it at all! Okay dark hair yeah, but green eyes don’t fit haha. I think it’s supposed to be a compliment? But man, I need to study WAY more to become fluent.

Corn. No, not that I think corn is a weird food, it’s in Canada too. But I find the use of corn in Japan so weird. The other day I bought a pizza from my school cafeteria thinking it was cheese and some kind of meat. I sat outside and as I bit into it I noticed there was corn on it. Corn. Why? It just makes me laugh. Corn get’s put onto many things here but I can’t think of them all now. That example has to be the weirdest so far though. I like corn, but I’m not used to it on things.

Over time, I think I’ll get used to life in Japan, but I love noticing the things that I find different from Canada. Ah Canada, I miss you, my family and friends.. but definitely not the snow! Take care!


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