Highlights of October

How do you summarize a month of your life into a neat little blog post? When it comes to living in Japan, I feel like time has gone by so fast, I don’t know where to begin. Nevertheless I have to post. When even your boyfriend notices you haven’t posted, it’s time to write something. Haha thanks H. ❤

So here it goes.

A month of my life in Japan : Highlights of October.

Howly sweet baby green goodness I have so much homework! I had it so good in Canada and I didn’t even notice. TuT Canada was so relaxed!
When I’m not doing homework, I’m probably dreaming about it. When I’m not posting, I’m probably studying.. or.. you guessed it, doing homework! I think that I’m definitely learning a lot, but I will never stop being surprised me how much I have.
I do other things when I have free time, IF I have free time, but oh my goodness this had to be at the top of the list. 10 classes vs me is really hard some days. Fight! If I survive this semester I’m treating myself to chocolate or something haha.

New Experiences
First Time – Haircut!
I usually cut my hair in Canada by myself. Partly because I’m too cheap to spend so much, but also because I can also cut my hair anytime and exactly how I want. (Bangs grow fast!) Because it’s been so long, I was nervous, but also kind of excited to get my hair cut in Japan. (I wasn’t sure if I could properly explain what I wanted and walk out without sporting some new short green hair!)
Luckily I was able to explain what I wanted. I was also given some magazines to read and had reassuring glances while she cut my hair.
In the end, it turned out to be a good experience and she did my hair exactly as I asked so I was super happy. I would go again.
November Update: I have resorted to cutting my own bangs again. Haha. It’s just so convenient. I made a big mess but that’s nothing new.

I”ve been lucky to go to new places too! Lion Musical and Tokyo Tower for example.

Another highlight of Japan has to be Boyfriend Time.
When it’s hard to balance everything, H keeps me grounded and sane.
Now that we don’t have to skype date, we can go on fun dates and spend time together. It’s so exciting and I look forward to it! I love to go to new places together and just recently we went to a festival. He lives mega far from me but at least we are in the same country after a year of long distance! Oh my god, the same city even! Hahaha. It’s definitely a perk to studying Japanese in the same city as him.

Shopping and Friends
Shopping. I love the endless shopping in Tokyo. I’ve been able to get things that I needed and now my room looks like it belongs to me.
Friends! I realized after I came here that I actually don’t know a lot of people in the Tokyo area. Even so I am so grateful for the people I do know. You guys make my life awesome.

Halloween parties x 3.
I didn’t bring my Halloween costume from Canada because I didn’t think that Halloween was a big event in Japan. WRONG. There were so many events going on that I ended up going to three different parties! I got a matching costume (for the first time ever) with H for the occasion. It was so much fun.

This really isn’t an exhaustive list but it’s an update of sorts. I hope you are all doing well back home. Time flies by so I’m going to enjoy as much as I can and see you all next year. Take care!


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