Start to Life in Japan!

My life in Japan has begun!

The Okinawa trip was great and I returned to Tokyo with H to rest again for a few days. Then it was time to start my student life! I was so lucky to have H with me to guide me. It was quite an adventure and we actually managed to go all the way around the place until we found it. H was able to help me with my bag and then we went out to each lunch and wander around together. I was so happy being with him that it was kind of sudden when we were separated. Thankfully I will be able to see him a lot more often however since we are in the same city. I’m so excited for more dates! That and school of course!

Anyways, it took at least three days for me to unpack and settle into my room. Now that I have my bearings it’s a lot better and it looks like I’ve been living here for ages. For Japan, this room is pretty massive. It used to be made for two people and now it’s just me. I love it. I have a tiny fridge and even a toilet so I almost never need to leave haha. The day after I got here I went to a day long orientation that was a little boring but necessary. We received a ton of paperwork and that was only the beginning.

Since that time, I’ve already been to all night karaoke, more school orientation and other things. Just yesterday I went to register my address at the city office. After that I also received my Inkan (or Japanese signature with a wooden block!). I have to open a bank account soon, choose my classes for the upcoming semester and things like that so it’s very busy right now.

I decided I had to finally post what’s been going on so it’s getting late here and I’m so sleepy. I woke up so early for my crazy long day. I will choose classes tomorrow and I’m not sure what else but so far I am safe and happy. Oh! I experienced my first real earthquake (I had experienced a few small ones before) and I was in my room! It was a little scary since I was using video chat on line with a friend and it happened so suddenly!

Ah, I’m so tired. My post might be a little boring but I really enjoy my life now. I made my first meal and it was pretty fun. I even have enough for leftovers tomorrow! I hope to enjoy more of Tokyo and find new places to go! I’ve seen so much of it already that I can’t wait to create my own trips. That and go to hot yoga which I will probably do on Saturday! Hoo! Cheers to student life!


3 thoughts on “Start to Life in Japan!

  1. Glad you are getting settled and ready for your year. It was wonderful to follow your photos of your anniversary trip, I love the pictures. I am glad your dorm room is spacious so you won’t feel cramped. Keep up the blog, you have followers. Love aunty dixie

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