Pre-Japan. Canada. First Post!

    It’s still hard to believe that just this month I was accepted to study for a year abroad at a university in Tokyo, Japan. This is because I’ve been waiting for acceptance since I started to apply for the exchange in December. My goal is to improve my Japanese and I’m excited to be immersed in the culture for a third time! I love studying Japanese because I enjoy making new friends, it’s a fun challenge and the opportunity for adventures are endless.  Adventures like; going to yoga, drinking delicious BOSS coffee, going to onsens (Japanese public baths), participating in festivals and seeing my friends. I’m really excited to try as many new things as I can! Maybe even volunteer!

    I’m confident that no matter what I do, this is going to be a year of amazing experiences in the land of the rising sun. As I spend the year in Japan I plan to save my memories in this journal style blog. It will be great to look back on my adventure and a fun way to keep my family and friends involved. Maybe for some laughs, I’ll even throw in a couple amateur ‘how to’ or ‘top ten’ lists. If I don’t procrastinate, I’ll try to post at least once every week or two. (See how that goes haha)

Edit: As of January I average about one post a month ahhahaa.

    P.s. Thank you to my family for encouraging me to start this blog and follow my dream, my friends for your overwhelmingly positive response when I was accepted, and to my long-distance boyfriend who has been constantly encouraging me since day one.

    This is really a once in a lifetime opportunity and I’m stoked to go!


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